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Example of political event that is a strong piece of photojournalism

My choice is a photograph by the documentary photographer  Marcus Bleasdale.  In this photograph you see a child soldier in a conflict zone who is playing with his bike and at the same time holding a Kalashnikov on his back.  But the strength of this photograph is not to see only a child playing with one bike and carrying a Kalashnikov, it’s the compilation between all of these elements and extrapolate the boy from thousands of the boys that are living the same way.

Overexposed and underexposed photographs

Below is the overexposed photograph that I made. The creative reason is that I wanted to suggest an idea of enormous height.

In the underexposed photograph some parts of her face are hidden in darkness. The feeling that I want to suggest here is mysteriousness.

A photograph made with Wide aperture

narrow aperture with a creative reason


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