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First week presentation

Alone with The Thames

When I started this project my first intention was to capture beautiful places around the Thames. I thought that if I make a variety of photos of beautiful landscapes and architecture I can never be wrong, just because a beautiful scene itself would make a wonderful photo.

I was waiting for people to move out of the frame and to clear the shot. But ultimately it was the people around the Thames that influenced me the most. Without them my photos would be empty. So instead of avoiding the people, they became my main object. Despite all those people around the canal I still felt lonely. And than I decided to call my book – Alone with the Thames.

This book contains portraits of strangers, very short-lived candid moments, absurd, ironic, contradicting, contrasting relations and all of them tell stories in a single frame. And what I think  you will be most intrigued by is that sometimes you will see more than I did.

“Alone with the Thames” is a book revealing the Street Photography through my eyes, its spontaneous and arty motivated compositions, influenced by the views around the canal. Every single photo of the book is a story by itself, but these are not the stories that I want to describe. It is the most challenging aspects of street photography that I want to tell you about.


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