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Between Technology and Reality

Recently I found an article in The Times saying “fast internet connection is now seen by most of the public as an essential service, as indispensable as electricity, gas and water”

Today everything looks somehow too easy and accessible. We stopped to communicate with each other. Why I need to go out with friends instead of just sit in front of the computer and turn on Skype. Why I need to go to the book store instead of finding the book in Amazon. Why I need to hold that heavy book when I can read it on the screen. Why I need to make my life complicate when it can be so easy and I can be so lazy.  YES we can do anything through our computers, but through our computers we have learn to do nothing.

Gradually we stopped to see the beautiful things in life, we stopped to enjoy truly the life, we stopped to live in the reality and we transport into a world where if we do not like something we ca just switch off the computer and all the bad things disappear.

The contact with the real world is something that you can touch, you can taste and you can understand, while the rest is beyond the reality. It is another world, where millions of people roam everyday, trying to find something. The virtual world takes from us as much as it gives to us. Because of it people forget to red books, to go out for a walk, to meet their friends. We all became slaves to Facebook. People are now so interested in cyber-socializing that they have forgotten how to interact face-to-face. It’s like loosing yourself.

Of course that technology is an enormous progress for the humanity – a new century where everything is modernized and computerized, pushing only one button and you can make wonders. We have all the comfort which our grandparents even didn’t have in their dreams. But we have to enjoy what technology has to offer until it doesn’t affect our appearance, especially the person in us. We should not become so dependent, that we do not even have a concept of what life would be like without technology.

There was a presentation I watched, “design outside the box”,  where Jesse Schell, а design professor, had very interesting arguments about technology and its impact on people. He is saying that technology changes the way we do things, it’s literally turning our lives into games. He is also saying that technology cuts us off the real world. There is a hunger for reality! He is giving an example with the movie Avatar and saying that the movie addresses the question can we than use that technology in order penetrate back into reality and back into something genuine? And this is how I will end my article …Now when we are so into the virtual world, we need to learn how to use technology to go back into reality!

DICE 2010: “Design Outside the Box” Presentation.


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