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Talking about animation I would like to meet you with my favorite cartoon and one of the most loveable animated series of my childhood – Nu Pogodi (You Just Wait!). These cartoons follow the adventures of a hooligan wolf, which is in ceaseless chase with an innocent hare. Interesting fact about this animation is that Soviets were accused of stealing the idea from the Americans. The most close analogue to which is TOM AND JERRY cartoons. Whether this is true or not this series is far different from what Americans are accustomed. Another factor differentiating Nu Pogodi from the other cartoons is the background music. You will hear Russian contemporary songs and popular music from the same time. Some of the comical moments are synchronized with the music, which makes them even funnier. I grew up watching it and I still enjoy this hilarious and ironic animation. Nu Pogodi will never be out of date!

Before watching any of the series you can go through the short Russian course. “Zayats” means “Hare”, “Volk” means “Wolf,” “Nu, Pogodi” means “You, just wait, I’ll get you,”

Nu pogodi was also the first handheld electronic game that I used to play

Another animation that I want to present is coming from Bulgaria –  “The Three Fools” or “Trimata glupaci” by Donyo Donev. There is no Bulgarian who does not know and has not laughed heartily to his cartoon.  The phenomenal success and popularity of this animation made its characters part of the national folklore.

What I really like about “The Three Fools” is its amazingly simple design, which allows plastic movements and expressiveness. The laconic drawing is full with energy. Another interesting aspect is that in this cartoon instead of conversation, there is a presence of interjection and deformation of the speech.

In the article of Velislav Kazakov from January 2008, I read that once  he met a shepherd in the Rhodopi Mountain, who did not know what is television, but had heard about Donyo and “The Three Fools”.


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