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Self Evaluation

Creating a political cartoon is a fascinating challenge. I have always looked at those small funny drawings in the newspapers and magazines, but never thought about the whole process of creating them. And now when I faced this challenge I can say that creating a political cartoon is hard and very complex assignment, because you need to convey clear message, using images which are familiar to large audience. Political cartooning relies on visual images which are instantly recognizable. I’ve learned that to crate a good political cartoon you need to have broad knowledge about politics, social issues, daily news and so on. You also need to know how to emphasize on important topics and to present them in the most understandable and comic way, using irony and hyperbole.

My first cartoon is about the French president Nicolas Sarcozy and his anti-Gypsy campaign that expanded into war of words between France and Luxembourg. The Roma expulsion policy was widely viewed as breaking European law and human rights rules. In this cartoon I’ve tried to merge Sarcozy’s Roma expulsion with his affinity to beautiful women. I meant not to portray an actual event, but а situation that is completely exaggerated. My first idea was to draw an old gypsy woman which is predicting Sarcozy’s future by observing his palm. The points that I do not like in this cartoon are that the gypsy girl actually does not look funny and for a cartoon all the characters need to be humorous. I found really hard to draw her funny and at the same time to portray her beauty that makes Sarcozy kneel. Also I could have improved the font not just writing it by hand and add some details for background.

I tried to create my second political cartoon based only on visual metaphors and symbols without using any text. The main message of this political cartoon is that politicians are combination of thieves (they steal money from the country) and prostitutes – because they are very corrupted. The main omission that I made here was that I am actually sending this message to my country, because the topic about the corrupted politicians is very popular in Bulgaria, but not here, which makes it not understandable for bigger audience. I like the colors of this image, but I think that I still need to use other materials as well.

My third cartoon “Osborn cut the benefits” I drew with photoshop and I think this is the right media for this cartoon. I also did it as a strip, because what I want was to try different methods and to see how they work. I like the characters, the proportions and the layout of this cartoon, but I am still not sure if the message that it delivers is clear enough to the audience. I think it needs to be improved.

The “World economy” is my favorite political cartoon. What I like about it is that the message is clear simple and legible. There is no need of text to convey the idea. The characters are funny and the auditory is not as small as the rest of the cartoons. The improvements that I could make here are to use Photoshop to make it more visually striking.

The only thing that I like in my  “Job offer” cartoon is the message, everything else does not work very well.  I tried to use collage as a media, but I think that this was very bad choice. If I have to redo this cartoon I am definitely going to use another media, pencils, pastels, water colors.


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